4th Annual Midwest Mediation Conference was a winner!

picture of Jennifer Kresge

Judging from the comments made by those who attended, the 4th Annual Midwest Mediation Conference, which was held September 26 - 27, 2014, was an unqualified success. Some of the comments were:

  • This was my first IAM Conference. I loved the speaker and topic. Had a great experience - exceeded my expectations!
  • Jennifer is an excellent presenter with very informative and interesting content.
  • She was great!
  • Really enjoyed demonstrations and videos. Mind opening.
  • Another great conference!
  • Fabulous presentation and speaker - what knowledge and insight!
  • This motivated and stimulated my thinking in so many ways!
  • Great conference! Very different from the usual "advanced mediation" training I usually attend. Top notch speaker who was VERY entertaining.

2014 - 2015 Officers and Directors

At the Annual Meeting of the Membership, which was held on October 16, 2014, the Association had the pleasure of hearing from Andrea Ciobanu, who is the Chair of the ISBA ADR Section. She spoke on various opportunities that the IAM may have to collaborate with the ADR Section in the future. Following her presentation, the following officers and directors were elected for 2014 - 2015: Ann Thrasher - President; Megan Wells - Vice President (President-Elect); Portland Schnitzius - Secretary; and Rick Wacker - Treasurer. All of the officers serve as Directors of the Association. Dustin Matern, as Past President, serves on the Executive Committee and as a director. Other directors elected at the meeting include: Andrea Ciobanu (Indianapolis), Marlo Dale (Indianapolis), Sarah Dicks (Crawfordsville), Mark Fairchild (Avon), Marla Hylton (Carmel), Lea Shelemey (Valparaiso), June Shrieves (Greenwood), and Kim Van Valer (Franklin).

Task Force Established to Consider Changes to Indiana's ADR Rules

Indiana Chief Justice Brent Dickson has appointed an Alternative Dispute Resolution Task Force, chaired by Judge David Avery to consider and propose changes to the current Indiana Rules of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Subcommittees have also been established to review the ADR Rules in four areas: (1) domestic relations mediation; (2) civil mediation; (3) arbitration; and (4) mini-trials, summary jury trials, and private judges. The IAM is well represented in this process by Past President Kim Van Valer, the current President Ann Thrasher, and director Andrea Ciobanu.

IAM Continues to Investigate Community Mediation Centers

The Board continues to investigate Community Mediation Centers. If you're interested in getting involved in this project, please contact Mary Hoeller. If enough information becomes available, a separate page will be added to this website in the future.